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Square, when do they pop?

Now that the recent sell-off which happened the first half of this year has lead to some stability.  And even if the global economy may not be as healthy at least the USA appears to not be heading into recession. With everything going on in Brazil Taiwan  Japan Greece Spain and elsewhere economies aren't doing that well what recent IPOs are on your list?

For myself I see Square as a solid speculative bet of the new wave of payment processing.  With PayPal obviously holding most of the chips with their acquisition of venmo and Apple pay being a giant I still think Square will outperform from this price range.  Squares recent addition into the Australian Market with its ability to use Apple pay near field technology, chip readers Plus traditional swiping ;Not to mention the point-of-sale that links perfectly with Apple products is a plus. Inventory management and other strategic business tools which square has made available many of which free also are a nice addition to their portfolio.  All of these things lead me to believe they have multiple Avenues of profit and huge growth potential in the coming years.  On the negative side the only thing I see besides that they haven't actually made a profit on the EPS is that Jack Dorsey is the CEO of both Twitter and square.  If he decides to sell the business or allow a different CEO to take over management I see an immediate increase in share price from the news if that news releases.

 What do the kind people here at whotrades like in the new wave of online and Mobile payment processing?

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